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No doubt some of my watchers were a bit surprised by my most recent submission - my first ever fanfic...

Cheering Section
Vice Principal Luna squinted through her sunglasses against the glare of the setting sun as she drove. Her workday at Canterlot High School had been a grueling one – as they often have been in the weeks following the Friendship Games. She and her sister Principal Celestia had their hands full addressing inquiries from parents, school officials and the media regarding the incident. She was more than ready to relieve some of that stress.
  Pulling into the shopping center parking lot, she found an open space and parked her sedan. Wasting no time, she exited her car, retrieved a black gym bag from the back seat and proceeded to cross the parking lot. It was a small, upscale open-air shopping center on the edge of the suburbs. In the time that she had been coming here, she had yet to encounter anyone from CHS – student or faculty. Nevertheless, she remained alert as she headed for the staircase near the end of the two-story structure.
  As she started

After reading the work of Eyeswirl the Weirded and a few others on FiMFiction, I was inspired to try my hand at actually writing a fanfic. So I started out small, with a short (under 3K words) slice-of-life tale featuring a subject I'm rather familiar with.

On the gaming front, this past week, I played D&D for the first time since high school. I reconnected with my tabletop RPG roots as a Human Druid - a class I've never played before. 5th edition truly offers the best of both 3.5 and 2nd/Advanced (which I originally played).

On the horizon, I plan on hitting Anime Expo for at least one day - if only to visit the Artist Alley, check the exhibit hall for JoJo merchandise, and photograph all the JoJo cosplayers.

Ten years ago, at a convention in Houston, Texas, I remember seeing a pair of cosplayers dressed up as Jotaro and Dio. I'll never forget the smiles on their faces when I correctly identified their characters and how one of them remarked "SOMEONE knows which anime we're from!"

Part of me now wishes that I had a shirt that reads: "JoJo fan since 1999!" so that I can boast that I was into JoJo BEFORE its current popularity!

More as the Wheel turns.


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Hey dude! do you take requests?
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